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Craig Bartels, "Buster," began working with leather as a boy, making checkbook covers, belts, and anything else that would aid him in mastering the art of carving. After working as a cowhand and seeing the need for tough, durable equipment, Buster began making saddles.  Demand for his high quality craftsmanship turned his hobby in to a business and Buster & Company was born in 1989.

After the saddle business was established, Buster decided to expand his business to the art of custom built boots.  He studied under master bootmaker, Jack Reed, in Texas before setting out on his own a quarter of a century ago. Boots have since become a passion and the mainstay of the business. Each pair is a masterpiece in it's own right.

Ordering boots begins with a morning consultation and measuring appointment, in which Buster personally measures your feet. A last is then selected and crafted to match the measurements of your feet and create your custom boot based on your choices of leathers, threads, toe and style selections.

Buster and Company boots feature a heavy duty shank, pegged soles, and stacked leather heels. Each pair is made with quality materials that you choose and are made to measure to fit your feet the old fashioned hand.


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