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All pricing is subject to change at any time

Base Pricing:
(includes 12" tops and one row of stitching)
$1,000.00 Cowhide, Shrunken Shoulder, and Oiltans
$1,200.00 French Calf and Kangaroo
$1,400.00 Smooth Ostrich
$2,000.00 Full Quill Ostrich
$2,000.00 Elephant
Alligator - varies by market price
$25.00 per row of stitching after the first
$25.00 per inch above 12" for tops
$50.00 - Mule Ears
$100.00 - Box Toe
$100.00 - Vibram Soles
$200.00 - Wing Tips and Heel Foxings
Inlay pricing determined on a case by case basis
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